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Welcome to the DMC World DJ Championships, the worlds longest running DJ Competition.
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Latest DMC World Championship Events
Jul. 2  - DMC Japan - Okinawa region - Elimination
(Sat 2 Jul 2016)
July 2 (Sat) Okinawa region at LOVEBALL in Naha city ...
Jul. 5  - July 5th: Online Team Championships - Heat 2
(Tue 5 Jul 2016)
2016 DMC ONLINE EVENT SCHEDULE Online DJ Championships Monday 15th February site launches and uploads begin! Round 1 - Tuesday 1st Ma...
Jul. 9  - 2016 DMC Toronto Ontario Regional DJ Battle
(Sat 9 Jul 2016)
Pioneer DJ Presents - The 2016 Canadian DMC Battleground - Toronto Ontario Regional DMC DJ Competition DMC Canada will be returning t...
Jul. 9  - DMC Japan - Chyushikoku region - Elimination
(Sat 9 Jul 2016)
July 9 (Sat) Chyushikoku region at MUGEN5610 in Hiroshima city
Jul. 15  - 2016 DMC Vancouver British Columbia Regional DJ Battle
(Fri 15 Jul 2016)
Pioneer DJ Presents - The 2016 Canadian DMC Battleground - Vancouver British Columbia Regional DMC DJ Competition DMC Canada will be retu...
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