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2015 DMC Vancouver British Columbia Regional DJ Battle
2015 DMC Vancouver British Columbia Regional DJ Battle

The 2015 Canadian DMC Battleground - Vancouver British Columbia Regional DMC DJ Competition

DMC Canada will be returning to Vancouver on Thursday August 20th, 2015.

This event will feature our 2015 DMC Vancouver Regional alongside the 5 Year Anniversary of the Skratcher Group!

This event will be hosted by DMC Canada.

Thursday August 20th, 2015
Venue: Caprice Nightclub
Address: 967 Granville Street
City: Vancouver
Province: British Columbia
Promoter(s): DMC Canada & Caprice Nightclub
Performers to be announced
Admission / Door to be announced
19+ Licensed Event

To register to compete at this event please email [email protected].



This is DMC's classic 6 minute solo showcase style DJ battle. We will accept up to 8 registrants for this Regional. Should more than 8 DJ's register we will hold 2 minute elimination rounds during sound-check. The judges will select the top 8 DJ's to advance to the show later that evening.


DJ's are permitted to use the supplied Rane 62, Rane TTM 57 mixer along with the supplied Technics 1200 / 1210 turntables.

DJs must bring their own headphones, slipmats, needles, records, laptops, cords, control vinyl and/or laptop stands etc.




Pioneer DJ Canada (

Virtual DJ (

G-Shock (

Stokyo (

12 Inch Skinz ( Prizing to be announced.

Crate Connect Clothing ( Prizing to be announced.

Raiden Fader (

Acrylick Clothing (

Future Bass (

Coolor Caps ( Prizing to be announced.

The PA Shop ( (Providing Audio Logistic Support)

Additional sponsors to be announced soon!



Created to share and inspire existing and upcoming Turntable enthusiasts. Skratcher was formed to allow people to explore the art and beauty of Turntablism as a community. Bringing the "Bedroom DJ" out to the open and given a chance to share his / her musical expressions. SKRATCHER is a ALL AGES event, inviting Turntablists of the future.


More information regarding start times, competitors, showcases and ticket availability will follow.

Thank you,

Amir Handan
DMC Canada

Vancouver - 2015
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