DMC World DJ Championships World DJ Championships
DMC France 2012 Results
DMC France 2012 Results

DMC France Champion : Skillz

DMC France Battle Champion : Tony J Kut

DMC France Team Champions : Phona

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Rane presents - The 2016 DMC World DJ Championships 2016
East China 23rd July - Results - Harleys - Shanghai
West South China 22nd July - Results - NASA - Chengdu
South China 16th July - Results - Hangover Plus - Guangzhou
North China 15th July - Results - Mix Club - Beijing
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Latest DMC World Championship Events
Aug. 6  - DMC China - Kerry Parkside - Shanghai - Grand Final
(Sat 6 Aug 2016)
China Grand Final 6th Aug - Kerry Parkside - East China -Shanghai - After Party at Arkham - Shanghai Judges are: DJ Kentaro Kid Fresh...
Aug. 9  - August 9th: Online Under 18's Championship
(Tue 9 Aug 2016)
2016 DMC ONLINE EVENT SCHEDULE Online DJ Championships Monday 15th February site launches and uploads begin! Round 1 - Tuesday 1st Ma...
Aug. 12  - 2016 DMC Vancouver British Columbia Regional DJ Battle
(Fri 12 Aug 2016)
Pioneer DJ Presents - The 2016 Canadian DMC Battleground - Vancouver British Columbia Regional DMC DJ Competition DMC Canada will be retu...
Aug. 12  - DMC Canada Vancouver (West Coast Scratch) DJ Competition
(Fri 12 Aug 2016)
Pioneer DJ Presents - the 2016 DMC Vancouver (West Coast) Scratch DJ Competition This exhibition only event will occur on Friday August 1...
Aug. 13  - 2016 Australian DMC DJ Championships (ACT Heats)
(Sat 13 Aug 2016)
2014 saw the return of the DMCs to the A.C.T. after a 6 year hiatus, and after taking out the 2014 and 2015 A.C.T. title, Scully is back...
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