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DMC Bulgaria Finals 2008
DMC World DJ Championships - DMC Bulgaria Finals 2008
DMC Bulgaria Finals 2008
The Bulgarian DMC DJ Champ is DJ Niky I, 19 years old.

No Bulgarian Battle For Supremacy Or Team Championships were held...

After more then 10 years DMC is back in Bulgaria. Fans from all around the country came to the show in club Escape (Sofia, Bulgaria). 5 DJs competed for the DMC Bulgaria DJ Championship title.

The Champion is DJ Niky I who is 19 years old and first took on turntablism at 11. His set was very dynamic with a special emphasis on the visual and artistic sectinos which had a fantastic impact on the fans in club Escape. His technical skills got even the members of the jury excited, among which were the DMC World Champions DJ Netik and DJ Rafik.

Second place went to DJ Peko, 18 years old and started playing vinyl only 6 months ago, getting ready for the DMC Bulgaria DJ Championship. He also put on a very dynamic show and demonstrated his promising technical level.

Third place went to DJ Uli G, 25 years old who has been playing vinyl for over 8 years. He portrayed his own personal view on the Old School classics presented in a different way.

Big thanks to club Escape and sponsors of the Bulgarian event Philips, Dinacord Bulgaria, Vestax, Puma and Ortofon.

Also, thanks goes out to our Media partners; MAD TV, TV2, NJoy & FM + radios, GoGuide magazine.

The photos are now online so check them out!!!

Click Here To View The Photos Of Bulgaria's Final

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