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DMC Australia Championship Final 2017 Results, Photos & Reviews
DMC Australia Championship Final 2017 Results, Photos & Reviews

2017 Australian DMC Finals Results, Photos & Review


The results of the 2017 Australian DMC State Heats:

VIC DMC DJ Championships (11th August @ Laundry Bar

1st : Wallzee
2nd : Typhonic
3rd : Vawnagraphic

TAS DMC DJ Championships (12th August @ Mobius Lounge Bar

1st - Max Best
2nd - DJ Mad
3rd - Rowdy Boi

QLD DMC DJ Championships (18th August @ Famous Night Club

1st : Nikk C
2nd : LL DJ
3rd : DJ Backlash

ACT DMC DJ Championships (19th August @ Transit Bar

1st : Sandman
2nd : Chemi Cal
3rd : Ghost-Notes

WA DMC DJ Championships (27th August @ Universal Bar

1st : Bace Kadet
2nd: Angry Budah
3rd: DJ Twist

NSW DMC DJ Championships (31st August @ Playbar

1st : Cost
2nd : Equal Seb One + Squat
3rd : D Pak

SA DMC DJ Championships (3rd Sept @ One Seventy7 West

1st : Snair
2nd : Lotek1200
3rd : Dreaded


Australian National Finals, Friday 8th September @ Laundry Bar (VIC) - (

::::::::::::::::::::::::::: The Finalists :::::::::::::::::::::::::::















The order of performance was picked at soundcheck according to their skill level and previous placing at the National Finals. It was then finalsied after a group discussion with all competetors to make sure everyone was happy with their order. Only the defending competitor was given preference to perform last. After soundcheck everyone dispersed and shortly after doors opened and DJ Total Eclipse warmed up the NEW DENON VL12 Decks with a club set for the lucky crowd that came in early.

Then it was time for the battle !! MC Masta took the mic, laid out the rules and running order, then all competitors performed their 6 min sets with the crowd giving love to each and every competetor.

Everyone did amazing sets with no technical issues whatsoever. The night went smooth and everyone performed their best except for some that were nervous being their first time at the National Finals.

All in all everyone was happy with their performances and the crowd was cheering all through the night as the technical level this year was incredibly high. The judges had a tough job at hand.

After all the competitors performed all judges met at back to tally scores. Then DJ Total Eclipse (X-Ecutioners) jumped on the decks and showed the crowd what the DENON VL12's were capable of !! His lightning speed juggles on the denons brought the house down and the Denon Reps were loving it. Total Eclipse took the mic to give his feedback on the new turntables and Mark, who is the head Denon rep for Australia also gave a brief speech to thank everyone.

The crew then took a break to give tribute to DJ John Alsop (1989 Australian DMC DJ Champ) who recently passed away due to heart failure. The Master gave a brief speech and we then played his full winning routine from the 1989 Australian DMC Championships on the screens. The crowd gave full respect as they watched and witnessed how it was done back in the day. R.I.P John Alsop !

Then it was time for the results!! The Masta lined up all the competitors on stage as he counted down the top Battle DJs in Australia.


Total Eclipse (X-Ecutioners, ITF World Champ)
J Red (ITF X-Perimenatal Category World Champ)
Perplex (3 X Australian DMC DJ Champ)
Broke (2015 Australian DMC DJ Champ)

Competitors were judged on the following criteria: Technical Juggle, Technical Scratch, Creativity, Musicality, Crowd Response, and Execution. 

Each judge selected their top 3 and scores we're tallied up with the following format : (1st place = 3 points. 2nd place = 2 points. 3rd place = 1 point)

Judges Scores:
Total Eclipse : 
1st Osyris
2nd Wallzee
3rd Cost

J Red : 
1st Osyris
2nd Wallzee
3rd Nikk C

1st Osyris
2nd Wallzee
3rd Base Kadet

Broke : 
1st Osyris 
2nd Wallzee
3rd Nikk C
Scores Tallied:
Osyris : 3 + 3 + 3 + 3 = 12
Wallzee : 2 + 2 + 2 + 2 = 8
Nikk C : 1 + 1 = 2
Cost : 1
Base Kadet : 1
The final results of the 2017 Australian DMC DJ Championships are as follows:

1st : Osyris (SA) 12pts
2nd: Wallzee (VIC) 8pts
3rd: Nikk C (QLD) 2pts
Equal 4th: Base Kadet (WA) & Cost (NSW) 1pt  


1st : OSYRIS (SA)




3rd : NIKK C (QLD)

2017 Australian DMC DJ Championships FULL Videos will be posted on DMC Australia's youtube channel very soon! Subscribe here:

DJ Osyris will now be travelling to London to represent Australia at the World DMC DJ Championships in London! We wish him the best of luck! 

Special thanks to all involved in this year’s championships:

Keith Bailey AKA Total Eclipse who helped in everyway possible leading up to our launch.


Rod Evans (DJ Elev8)

Peter Rutheven photography

Cyclone Imaging

Matt at SR Promotions 

Touring Act and our Marketing partner for DENON DJ : 

Total Eclipse (X-Ecutioners, ITF World Champ)

Big thanks to our state promoters :

Laundry Bar (VIC)

Joint Adventure (NSW)

Famous Night Club (QLD)

KP Records (ACT)

One Seventy 7 West (SA)

Rappfox (WA)

Mobius (TAS)

and our Partner at the National Finals - Dave Barrett @ Laundry Bar

Finally, thank you to our sponsors who made the 2017 Australian DMC DJ Championships possible:

Media Partner KISS FM :

Rane :
Denon :
Shure :
Concert AV :
Digilog Studios :
Cold Fresh Apparel :
Power Music (Perth) -
Twisted Pair Productions (Brisbane) -
Bump Productions (Sydney) -
Clinic 116 (Adelaide) -
X-Ecutioners :
United DJ Mixing School :

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