DMC World DJ Championships World DJ Championships
DMC World DJ Competition Rules
The DMC World DJ Championship 2014 features three DJ competitions - The DMC World DJ Championship, The Battle For World Supremacy & The DMC World DJ Team Championship. The rules for each competition are specified below.

Competitors must be bona-fide nationals in their country of entry or be able to prove that they have resided in that country for a minimum of 6 years. This ruling excludes TEAMS who may feature international DJ partnerships. In some cases a DJ might have dual citizenship. Normally DMC will ask the DJ, who is eligible in the country he/she now lives in, to decide which nation he/she wants to battle in – and will be expected to stick with it.
DMC World DJ Championship Rules 2014
A solo DJ event. Eliminations to last 2 minutes. Final sets - 6 minutes.

Up to 2 Technics turntables, an analogue or digital mixer (Rane 57 or Rane 62 & Technics will be available at the World Finals) and any brand Digital Vinyl System (DVS). There will be no restrictions on the DVS settings but no other devices/externals will be allowed for 2014.

Any stylus.

A reigning National Champion should be invited to defend their title at the National Final.
DMC Battle For World Supremacy Rules 2014
A solo head-to head knock out with rounds leading to the last two DJs standing.

Battle for Supremacy rounds will be 2 x 1 minute per DJ with the Semi Finals and Finals being 90 seconds x 2 per DJ.

Two Technics SL turntables and one mixer (without effects) per competitor.

Any stylus.

Immediate judgement takes place on stage with judges showing their No.1 or 2 card to the audience.

If you are unclear about eliminating an odd number of Battlers to a number of DJs that leads to two remaining DJs, DMC will explain the system on request.
DMC World DJ Team Championship 2014
Teams of 2, 3 or 4 DJs using up to 8 Technics turntables with analogue and/or digital mixers of DJs choice up to a maximum of 4.

Eliminations (if held) 3 minutes, Final 6 minutes.

Any brand Digital Vinyl System (DVS), Loop Stations /External Hardware/ MPC's (Roland RC20 or 50 for example) are permitted and are to be supplied by the competing DJs.

Any stylus.

Teams may consist of DJs of any nationality

NB. In countries where there are few teams or battlers the events may be featured within the NATIONAL DMC CHAMPIONSHIP FINAL as an additional feature.
If any DJ's performance is judged to be hindered or halted due to DMC's equipment failure they will be permitted to recommence their performance from the beginning.

If the breakdown is deemed to be through the DJs own faulty set up or their own equipment failure, they will be allowed to recommence their performance from the point of the breakdown.

This rule is to eliminate the likelihood that a DJ may feign a breakdown because they are not happy with their performance.
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