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DMC Select: Who Are They?

One of the first questions most DJs ask when a competition is announced is, "Who are the judges?". In sports, athletes are always encouraged to not leave the results to the judges/referees. You go for the knock-out and leave it all out on the table. The same could be true for the competitive DJ world, but whether we like it or not, understanding the judging panel and their personalities, backgrounds, and history is a strategic part of the process that will always be considered.

This year, we're taking a bigger step to identify our judges earlier in the process and encouraging them to offer feedback through our new online judging system sponsored by DropBox (TBA shortly!). For the online submission period, we've put together what is now called, "The DMC Select". This is our select panel of online judges. Each competition will have a group of judges specializing in their respective categories: Classic, Supremacy, Scratch, and Open. The line-up of judges for each competition will be announced publicly during the online submission period. Each group of DMC Select judges will include 5-6 qualified members from different countries. To qualify as a DMC Select judge they must possess at least one of the following criteria:

  • A past DMC Champion or Top National Finalist

  • A DJ with at least 10 years of DJ competition experience

  • A past judge with at least 5 years of experience on the regional, national, and or world level

  • A top National Finalist / Champion in other world-renowned competitions

  • A DJ with 10+ years of experience in the industry (mobile, radio, battle, big-stage, club, broadcast)

  • An industry specialist with at least 10+ years experience with DJ competitions

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